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KIWI Hotel Furnishings

The design of a hotel is very important for the success of a hotel. The starting point must always be that the guests feel at home. The design must also fit in well with the concept, target audience, location and what you want to radiate as a hotel. Besides service and quality, the interior is a good way to distinguish yourself from other hotels. Of course, it must be beautiful but also functional, we also pay attention to the design if space is easy to keep clean. With our years of international experience we would like to help you with that.

Office Furniture

For office spaces, too, employees must feel at home in their workplace. Sometimes your staff will be in the office for 8 hours or more. A beautiful office design provides more productivity, creativity and positivity.

A nice space to relax also provides more interaction in a more informal atmosphere. In addition to office spaces, we also have experience with public spaces such as libraries, football canteens etc.

KIWI Makeover

Horeca project - C&P - sofa Sintese

Is your company ready for a makeover, but you do not know how, in what style or in what style you want to restyle? Then our experienced interior designer offers a solution! With flair and creativity, she advises you on how you can work out the concept of your company in the interior. The advice for colors, materials, furniture and lighting is always according to your budget.

We also supply furniture and beds. We work closely with manufacturers of furniture (including Indera and Moome) and beds (including Nottinblu and Savoir) and can therefore deliver at very favorable prices. For more information you can contact us at any time.