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Hotel Furnishings

It is important to us that our clients differentiate from other hotels because of the beautiful and unique interior.


This way, our enterprise can make a difference. The interior should reflect your vision and concept, and it should suit your target audience. If your guests are mostly business men, a different interior is preferred over an interior for a hotel catered for hikers, for example.

The hotel’s location also plays an important role in deciding the right interior design for your hotel. A modern, minimalistic look is preferred in urban areas, whereas hotels outside of the urban regions choose a more ‘rural’ decor. What is important is that you differ from other hotels. A quick and easy example of this is placing an eye-catcher in the room. This is what guests remember after their visit.


Complete restyle of hotel rooms, beds, cupboards, armchairs.

We have recently completed various project in the field of hotel furnishings. Think of styling, interior advice, complete interior design of hotels and other places to stay.

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