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After a preliminary meeting on location, we draft a design based on your criteria and wishes. Together we eventually create a pretty, fitting and creative design that is within your budget.


Once this completely meets your wishes and needs, we look to see how we can realise this in the best possible way. Usually there is a custom work done; therefore, we work closely with manufacturers who make customised products in addition to standard products. We will pay you a visit to measure everything; then we transfer this information directly into a detailed drawing. 

Our designs are characterised by their creative and unique features, distinguishing your hotel from others in the business. We work a lot with 3D printers for example, so furniture, front desks, etc. get a special, final touch – hence they are unique. You could, for example, have your logo or house style shown in various items.

Besides furniture, cupboards and beds, our interior designers could help you with the perfect lighting plan as well as with colour and choice of materials for the wall, floor and ceiling. Whether this concerns a single room or a complete concept, our specialists can make it possible. SOS shall carefully supervise the projects from A to Z, so you do not have to worry about it. We monitor the scheduling, quality and expenses throughout the entire process.